Discover a new way to train as closely as possible to the sensations of your road bike. Sleek lines, watt precision, connectivity to the largest Zwift, Kinomap, Bkool applications...

here is the ideal partner to complete your training at home!

The Exercycle is the result of the joint work of the R&D teams of BH Fitness and BH Bikes to meet the demand of a public

passionate about road cycling in their home workouts. Its geometry, based on the BH Bikes Aerolight model,

offers ergonomics and a position very close to that of a road bike. Taking care of every detail, it is a product that offers multiple

options so that the cyclist can live a hyper realistic experience in his training at home.

BH breaks down the barriers of home training and outdoor routes to provide the user with the best experience while playing their favourite sport.


    FTMS-Bluetooth module
  • EMS

    Electromagnetic resistance system
  • Q-factor

    152mm Q-Factor

Faced with the current alternatives of either riding a trainer or using the classic indoor cycle bike on days when the weather is bad, the Exercycle offers the most familiar feeling. Its geometry, based on the BH Aerolight, offers ergonomics and a postural feeling very similar to that of a road bike. With attention to every last detail, it is a product that offers multiple options so that the cyclist can enjoy a hyperrealistic experience while training at home. The possibility of using your own saddle, pedal changes or adjustment systems to adapt organically to the user’s constitution will make this bike the ideal complement for the harshest winter months. BH breaks down the barriers between training at home and outdoor routes to offer users the best experience while practicing their favourite sport

Design has been one of the main pillars of the Exercycle development process. Which is why we have proposed a sober and minimalist design, adapted to the latest trends in industrial design, with organic shapes and matt finishes. The sobriety of the bike enhances its shapes and volumes, without burying in with flashy decorations. We want you to see it for what it is: your second bike

EMS resistance system.
The electromagnetic resistance system allows a very precise and progressive regulation of intensity, while generating a pedal stroke sensation very similar to the resistance of tarmac on wheels. It is a widely used system in the medical-sports field but it is not traditionally applied to indoor cycle bikes, where the goal is simply raw resistance, without paying attention to the sensations while pedalling
High accuracy in watt measurement. Measuring the watts generated during training is key for any bike lover. For this reason, we have dedicated a great deal of effort to incorporating an extremely precise measurement system, which allows users to have absolute control of their training parameters

Q factor of 152.
The Q factor is the distance between the axles of the bike’s cranks. It is one of the determining factors when it comes to being able to replicate a position similar to that of the road bike, and one of the weak points of home training machines. This has been precisely one of the workhorses of the Exercycle development team, who have managed to obtain a Q factor of 152, one of the lowest on the market, which allows the position of the legs during pedalling to be very similar to that of the road bike, while allowing the user to generate maximum force with each pedal stroke.
 Geometry based on the AerolightTM. The careful design of the frame allows great adaptability of the bike to the user, simulating the position on a road bike. The V-frame design allows the bike to fit sizes from S to XL, ensuring the highest degree of performance during exercise
Resistance change integrated into the handlebar. As well as being one of the most automated gestures any cyclist can have and providing a more realistic feel during exercise, handlebar shifting has a practical function: giving the user the ability to change resistance without changing their posture.

Multiscreen monitor
The Exercycle has a multiscreen LCD monitor with all the necessary functions for a complete workout. It has an FTP test to calculate the watt threshold, a 5KHz Polar telemetric pulse receiver and a Bluetooth FTMS module that enables full compatibility with leading cycling simulators
Instantaneous values :  The first screen displays instant exercise data.
Percentage values :  The second screen shows percentages for the test.
Average values : A third screen shows the average values for the current session.
Maximum values : The last screen offers the user the maximum values obtained during training

Full connectivity
The Exercycle offers the latest technology in connectivity, so you can compete with your teammates using the multiple simulation applications on the market. This is achieved thanks to the integrated Bluetooth FTMS module in the bike’s console, which allows full compatibility with industry-leading applications. You can enjoy the experience of training with the main cycling simulators such as Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy or Bkool, turning gray winter afternoons into exciting experiences, competing against other users, or the rewarding feeling of training in legendary cycling ports such as Tourmalet or the Alpe d’Huez

Technical Data

Length 140-144 cm
Width : 61 cm Height 114-136 cm
Weight : 48,6 Kg
Flywheel :11 Kg
EMS : Resistance System Electromagnetic
EMS : Connectivity Bluetooth
FTMS : Compatible Apps
Transmission:  Heavy duty belt with automatic tensioner
Gradient :  0-25%
Maximum Watts 1500W real*
Resistance levels : 24
Handlebar width : 42 cm
Q Factor : 152 mm
Power adjustment : 2 positions
Shifting Electronic sequential shifting on levers and monitor
Saddle :  BH ergo-g ng afm cromo
Pedals : Wellgo wpd 981 mixed
Interchangeable pedals : Yes
Interchangeable saddle : Yes
Transport wheels
Rollers Max user weight :150 Kg
Use frequency : Intensive
Tablet/mobile holder  : Up to 12,9” ( Tablet not included)

BH Fitness H9365

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BH Fitness Exercycle H9365

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